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Robotic spine surgery

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What is Robotic Spine Surgery?

Robotic spine surgery utilizes the latest in innovative spine technology to allow for the most accurate and precise, ultra-minimally invasive surgery. This leads to even less pain following surgery - accelerating the recovery process.

With the robot, each surgical plan is customized to the individual patient, which further improves accuracy and precision during spine surgery and potentially maximizing the durability of the surgery performed.

Finally, the robotic platform utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to constantly improve our surgical outcomes

Robotic spine surgery is the latest in navigated spine surgery that may further help to decrease pain, allowing for an even faster recovery following spinal surgery.

When necessary, Dr. Chung is able to offer robotic spine surgery to his patients.

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Robotic spine surgery

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A word from Dr. Chung

With double fellowship training with Dr. Chung has extensive experience in the latest surgical techniques including navigated and robotic spine surgery.